Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Friendship Rules for Girls

Friendship is an important part of a girl’s lift. In some cases, the influence from friends can be more than from the parents. It’s really a blessing to have a circle of best friends who can always be there for you. In order to make the friendship work, there are some basic rules to follow.

1. Listen to your friends when they talk.

2. Provide tissues and a shoulder to lean on as needed.

3. Keep secrets secret.

4. Know your friend’s personality.

5. Share similar values and honor codes.

6. Be dependable – rain or shine.

7. Remember things important to your friends.

8. Be honest.

9. Complement and rally for each other.

10. Be your friend’s friend too.

11. Know your friend’s family and make sure they like you too.

12. Don’t let your friends do silly things – like drunk driving.

13. Don’t do things to get your friends in trouble.

14. It’s OK to disagree sometimes – just don’t be personal.

Your true friends should extend you the same courtesy.

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